Good Post on Health Care Costs and Economics

Over at they have a very good and thorough explanation of the economics of health care, written by an M.D. It includes a breakdown of costs, a description of Medicare liabilities, an explanation of why health “insurance” is not really insurance, and the fallacies of socializing all costs. Here’s a snippet on licensure and regulation:

Regulatory burdens plague American business in general and US healthcare in particular. There are so many regulations that no provider can possibly be aware of them all. Lawyers and consultants must be hired to advise what the law actually means. The complicated nature of the regulatory environment is intentional. When the law is so complicated that nobody understands its boundaries, then government agencies can terrorize every provider about compliance with the law.

Quote of the Night

From Leftism, by Erik Kuehnelt-Leddihn

The deeper meaning of history is theological and he who flees theology can only try to solve the riddles of history by offering banalities of a moralizing nature … This world, however, is a vale of tears and man, from a purely terrestrial viewpoint, a tragic creature. The trouble is that America and Europe, after a long process of de-Christianization, are no longer capable of assimilating a philosophy of the tragic or a theology of the Cross.