Congress Establishes National Omnibus Awareness Day

The House of Representatives today passed the National Omnibus Awareness Day Act by a large majority. The act replaces various awareness days for illnesses, crime victims, occupations, and societal classes with a single day that occurs at a uniform time each year.

“Americans’ social awareness is being stretched thin,” said Rep. Robert Johnson (D-UT). “Nearly every day of the year, ordinary middle-class Americans were being asked to focus some of their precious attention on a different problem, attention that they should be paying to their families, careers, and personal well-being.”

Haylie Graves, president of Americans for Responsible Awareness and one of the authors of the legislation, said in a statement, “We understand the need for activism and raising public awareness, but believe it must be done in a responsible manner. Trying to raise peoples’ awareness of a new issue every other day actually dilutes everyone’s attention and makes each issue seem less notable.”

The new National Omnibus Awareness Day will be the third Saturday of May each year. The bill’s proponents hope that activists for various issues will cooperate and share billboards, radio ads, and 5K walks/runs on that day rather than spread them out throughout the year.

The Senate is also considering a version of a bill to consolidate all awareness months into a single month.