C. S. Lewis Would Be a Fan of Amazon

At least based on this quote from his autobiography I think he would. It may be that Amazon regained ground for mail-order books that was lost to local and chain retailers:

Every man of my age has had in his youth one blessing for which our juniors may well envy him: we grew up in a world of cheap and abundant books. Your Every man was then a bare shilling, and, what is more, always in stock …. All the money I could spare went in postal orders to Messrs. Denny of the Strand. No days, even at Bookham, were happier than those on which the afternoon post brought me a neat little parcel in dark gray paper. Milton, Spenser, Malory, The High History of the Holy Grail, the Laxdale Saga, Ronsard, Chenier, Voltaire, Beowulf and Gawain and the Green Knight (both in translations), Apuleius, the Kalevala, Flerrick, Walton, Sir John Mandeville, Sidney’s Arcadia, and nearly all of Morris, came volume by volume into my hands . Some of my purchases proved disappointments and some went beyond my hopes, but the undoing of the parcel always remained a delicious moment. On my rare visits to London I looked at Messrs . Denny in the Strand with a kind of awe ; so much pleasure had come from it. (Surprised by Joy, Chapter IX)