Libertarian Theory and the Rights of Children

Two years ago, my wife and I had just finished the training and paperwork to become foster parents. At the time, I wrote this post about a possible non-coercive way to help the children of bad parents. Today I want to look at the theory behind parental rights in a libertarian society.

Both libertarians and their critics often lament the gaps in libertarian theory regarding the rights and protection of children. In a purely libertarian, anarcho-capitalist society, would parents be free to neglect their children? Is forcing people to properly care for their children justifiable? Is the case of children in abusive homes a critical flaw in libertarian thinking? I argue below that it is not. Continue reading Libertarian Theory and the Rights of Children

Understanding the Value of a Vote Makes You More Friendly

What’s the value of a vote? In a presidential election, practically zero. Your vote has virtually no chance of impacting the outcome. That’s one reason I don’t feel bad about not voting.

The corollary to this fact is that since no one’s vote is likely to affect the outcome, there is no reason to be upset about anyone’s voting intentions. If your co-worker’s or relative’s vote for a candidate you dislike had virtually no impact on the election, then there’s no reason to feel resentful towards them because of how they vote.

If you really embrace this logic, then you ought to be more friendly and charitable towards people whose politics you dislike because their vote has no impact on you personally.